Cost Control

The Berry Firm knows that we are the keeper of our client's money, and we take this responsibility very seriously. At The Berry Firm, we work hard to make sure our clients are able to predict costs and justify their decisions. The Firm’s management and control of costs is illustrated in the following categories:

Client Goals

The Berry Firm understands that we work in a service industry, and we are here to accomplish the goals set by our clients. We do not take a "patriarchal" approach - we listen carefully to our client’s goals and those objectives then become our own. Every step taken in a case will be in furtherance of the team's ultimate goal. The Berry Firm is committed to timely and clear communication to ensure that the clients’ purposes and aims are reached.


Communication is the key to a successful defense. It is also the key to controlling costs.

Communication is one of The Berry Firm's pillars of practice. Timely and effective communication ensures that all members of the team – client, attorney, paralegal, nurse, administration, staff, experts, vendors - are of one mind when it comes to the amount of money to spend and how those funds are spent. The Firm does not spend money on expenditures such as budgeting, expert management, motion practice, research, vendor choice and utilization, without explicit client authority to do so. Not a dime is spent without our client's blessing.


In today’s world, the focus is on controlling legal costs on all levels. This means that accurate budgeting is extremely important. The Firm focuses on realistic budgeting practices and budgets for the realistic outcome of a case. We prepare a budget at the beginning of a case and carefully monitor it thereafter to ensure we are complying with all relevant guidelines. The Firm has a number of internal systems used to regularly track our budgets in the most proactive, efficient way possible.

The Budget is the direct result of effective communication of client goals and the implementation of such goals.


The Firm understands that different cases may require different fee structures. The Berry Firm is willing to work with our clients to implement this philosophy.




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